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Financial Account of the Centenary Celebrations

Presented By the Centenary Planning Committee (CPC)

Centeneary Celebration AccountThe detailed accounts together with supporting documents have been presented to the board by Messer's Jose Nicco Annan and Emmanuel Ackah-Yensu, Chairman and deputy Chairman of the Centenary Planning Committee. Please click on the image to the left for a PDF version of the report.

At the said meeting various memorabilia were also presented to the board to be kept for future generations and as a reminder of the various events and activities that took place during the centenary year.

Click on image above for a
PDF version of the report.

Adisco Centenary in Pictures & Sound Bites

Cape Coast, Ghana, Monday 19th July 2010 - The scene and atmosphere in Cape Coast over the last week (12 - 18 July) and especially at Adisadel College was something that could be described as a historic centenary celebration, bringing together over 3,000 Santaclausians from around the globe. The Adisco campus was "painted" in the traditional black and white colours of the school as both current students and Old Boys (also known as Santaclausians) took part in a week long celebration of a school started on 4th. January 1910 called the School for the Propagation of the Gospel (SPG Grammar School).

This was an event that should not have been missed by any 'Santa'. Old Boys from the 1940s to the youngest ones who graduated in 2009 were at hand to grace the occasion. Classmates and housemates who have not seen each other in decades, revived old friendships and old tales - from their experiences as 'homos', seniors punishing juniors for minor issues, sports, classwork, experiences in the dinning hall, assemblies at the Canterbury Hall, voting for school prefects, picking up prizes at Speech Days, the bright ones, students who entered Form One as 'fathers', etc, etc, etc. Words are just not enough to describe the centenary experience...we however are delighted to share with you pictures, videos and sound bites from the week of celebrations....

Please click on the photo links below for pictures taken during the Centenary Week in Cape Coast...Photos are uploaded as they become available...

Opening of the James Mercer Gate sponsored by '68 Year Group Adisco Campus - Latest photos before Centenary Week - I Adisco Campus - Latest photos before Centenary Week - II Centenary Durbar
Sat 17 July 2010
Centenary Gospel Night
Thursday 15 July 2010
Centenary Service and Cement Party - Sun 18 July 2010 Global Old Boys Congress
Thu. 15 July 2010
1980 Year Group at the Centenary Celebrations


Striving for Excellence at Adisadel College: Achievements, The 2010 Centenary Celebrations and Issues of Alumni-Alma Mater Relations

Dr. Ebo Richardson, Quaque House - 1965,  revises, adapts and expands a portion of his previous personal anecdotal material on academic excellence at Adisadel College. He also provides his own, unofficial, eye witness account on scenes, personalities and key activities of the centenary week (July 12-18, 2010) in Cape Coast. He then describes and reflects on what the centenary celebration’s planning and execution might tell us about the nature and quality of the ‘bond’ between Santaclausians and their Alma Mater. Here below, a few short excerpts from the paper.

“Great and distinguished academic institutions are known and defined by two attributes: 1)The School’s outstanding human and material resources, most notably its teachers , and 2)The quality of its Alumni and the bond that exists between the Alumni and the School.”

 “The author encountered many 1960s Santaclausians in Cape Coast during the Centenary week (July 12-18) at Adisadel. They were there to provide a strong visual, vocal, moral and material support to Adisadel. Above all, they had come to support the extremely important national mission of educating the citizens of Ghana. The Centenary Celebration was, first and foremost, a salute to the triumph of education, and to Adisadel as one important piece in the educational puzzle in Ghana! “

 At the Wednesday evening’s Gospel Night:

 “Soon, a long and meandering line of Santaclausian dancers, some in their 70s, 60s, 50s, 40s, and 30s, were energetically dancing their way majestically and beautifully in a perfectly choreographed manner. The younger crowd was ecstatic. The Choir and musicians performing on stage were electrified. The “ancient and old” Santaclausians were amazed at themselves…. And a good time was had by all!”

 “ A specially commissioned Adisadel centenary cloth had been printed for sale. As a result, there was a particularly remarkable and very moving atmosphere at the Sunday morning’s Centenary Church Service. Santaclausians, spouses, parents, children, siblings, friends…. many were looking quite resplendent in their Adisadel Centenary clothing (Men’s’ full length cloths, Women’s kaba and skirt, Agbadas and Joromi shirts, men’s shirts, all cut from the Adisadel centenary cloth!). “

Click on this link to read the full Paper (pdf format)

Centenary Fellowships and Awards

Centenary Medal

Various Santaclausians and non-Santaclausians received awards at the recent Centenary Durbar held in Cape Coast. The awards presented fell into two broad categories – “Acquired Awards” or Fellowships and “Earned Awards” or Centenary Awards.

Recipients of fellowships qualified on the basis of certain minimum cash contributions they made to the Adisadel College Centenary Fund.

In selecting recipients of the Centenary Awards the Awards Sub-Committee of the National Centenary Planning Committee took as their guide the words of the School Ode:

“Up Santaclausians, stand up to honour those who have gilded the school with their fame”.

In other words, we are being enjoined to honour merit and achievement. Not only that, but those who have dedicated themselves to the cause of Adisadel.

Please find below links to the list of award recipients:

Link: Centenary Fellowship Awards

Link: Centenary Awards


Centenary Durbar: Welcome Address (Full Text)
by Mr. Abam Quartey, Chairman - Adisadel Board of Governors

Mr. Solomon Abam Quartey

Your Excellency, Professor Evans Atta Millis, President of the Republic of Ghana,
Nana Osabarima Kwesi Atta II, Omanhene of Oguaa Traditional Area,
Osagyefo Osei Tutu II, The Asantehene,
His Grace Justice Akrofi, Primate of the Province of West Africa and The Arch Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Accra,
Our Episcopal Representation,
The Clergy,
Ministers of State and Honourable Parliamentarians,
Members of the Diplomatic Corps,
Former Chairmen of the Adisadel College Board of Governors,
Former Headmasters and Staff of Adisadel College,
The Centenary Headmaster and His Centenary Staff,
My very proud Fellow Santaclausians,
Distinguished Invited Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I stand here as a humble citizen of the Republic of Ghana, a proud Santaclausian, and the Centenary Chairman, to welcome you to Adisadel On The Hill.

It is also with great trepidation that I welcome you to the climax of the Centenary celebration of Adisadel College, a school which was founded on the 4th Day of January 1910 by the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel of the Anglican Church Mission, under the able Episcopal Stewardship of His Grace Temple Hamlyn, Bishop of the Anglican Church’s Diocese of Accra which at the time encompassed the whole of Ghana (then the Gold Coast).

Link:  Read More

Centenary Durbar: Full text of the Keynote Speech by Dr. Sir Sam Jonah

Dr. Sir Sam Jonah

I am humbled and honoured to be here today presenting the Keynote Address on this very special occasion. I must confess to feeling intimidated in the presence of His Excellency, the President of Ghana, John Evans Atta Mills and other distinguished guests including my former teachers and old Santaclausians who knew me in my original raw state, shorn of all the after-school accretions. There are countless others who fit the bill of keynote speaker better.

Naturally, I have asked myself what I could have done wrong to be saddled with this burden. Naturally also, the story of the biblical Jonah and the Whale comes to mind - somebody to be sacrificed; and who deserves to be thrown to the waves more than a contemporary Jonah?

One hundred years ago, when the SPG founded this school, their modest ambition was, in part, to educate the youth for the Anglican Christian Ministry. True to this goal, the school, which later moved to this location and became known as Adisadel College, has produced countless priests and bishops. But beyond personnel for the Christian ministry, the roll call of products of the school in other areas of both national and international endeavours will take hours to read. Suffice it to mention here the following...

Link:  Read More

Centenary CD on Sale

Click for Sample Songs

The Centenary Music Collection was released during Centenary Week (12-18 July 2010) on Adisadel Hill.

This is an exclusive double CD that features among others a talented group of musicians who have had a part to play with the rich music history of Adisadel...

The list includes Agya Koo Nimo, Glenn Warren, Ramblers Ft. Eddie Sagoh, Ricky Telfer, John Djokoto, Sam Mensah, Kweku Bentil, Gilbert Addy, Praye Ft. Tiatia, Kubolor, Nana Fynn, JB Freeman, Osei Owusu, The Adisadel Choir, Fiifi Selah, Terry Bonchaka, 4x4 Ft. Fresh Prince, Kwesi Owusu, Vico Mensah, Jon K, Ben Jerry Telfer, Moses Beyeeman, Acquah Harrison, The Adisadel Jazz Band, Centenary 'U' Group and John Adjah.

Santaclausians in North America
The double CD costs $25.00US (including shipping). If you are interested in buying a copy, please contact one of the following:

Email:   (Kojo Ocran, Treasurer, AOBA-NA)
Email: (George Arthur, President, AOBA-NA)

Santaclausians in the UK and Europe
Please contact James Mercer via email: (AOBA-UK)

Santaclausians in Ghana
Get a copy of the CD from the following outlets:

  1. Airport Shell (Accra)
  2. JOY FM (Accra)
  3. Oman FM (Accra)
  4. Adisadel College (Cape Coast)

Santaclausians in Other Countries
Please contact Dr. Sam Mensah via email:

Link: Sample Songs

Centenary Anthem Released

Toronto, Canada, Sunday 13th June 2010 - The Centenary Anthem has been released. The anthem is written and performed by Ricky Telfer (Hamlyn, 1965). All Santaclausians are expected to learn how to sing it in preparation for the Centenary particularly the Centenary Week Events. We would like to encourage all Old Boys to listen to the song and practice singing it.

Below are the lyrics and sound track:

Adisadel Centenary Anthem

Adisadel College, you're a century old
We tip our hats to you
We your sons unite,
Celebrate all night
And to thank the Lord above
He has aided you
To have come this far
Do go on for years to come
Santaclausians, rise up
Show your pride.
Adisadel forevermore.

We will beat the drum
Sing songs of joy
As we dance and jubilate
We'll keep praying for God's helping hand
On all who pass through your gates.

He has aided you
To have come this far
Do go on for years to come
Santaclausians, rise up
Show your pride.
Adisadel forevermore.


[Please click on "Play" Button to listen]

CPC Updates Centenary Week Programme

Accra, Friday 11th June 2010 - The Centenary Planning Committee (CPC) has updated the programme lineup for the Centenary week and the Centenary weekend. This is the period from Monday July 12th. - Sunday July 18th.

It is expected to be the week for the "Home Coming" of Santaclausians to Adisadel College which will see the climax of the Centenary celebrations that started at the beginning of the year. The CPC anticipates a large number of Santaclausians (past and present) including parents, friends and acquaintances to participate in the final stretch of activities planned for Centenary.

Jose Nicco-Annan, Managing Director of RSS Developers Limited and Chairman of the CPC announced that following a number of requests for amendments, the Centenary Week Programme has been updated. The main changes to the advertised programme are:

1. The commissioning of the reconstructed Mercer Gate by the 1968 Year Group. This is planned for Friday, 16 July, from 2pm - 3pm.

2. A Global Congress for all Adisadel Old Boys Associations (AOBA) planned for Sunday, 18 July, from 12noon to 2pm. The Global Congress is expected to bring together Santaclausians and AOBA bodies from around the globe to deliberate on an agenda for the AOBA that extends beyond this year's centenary celebrations. All Old Boys are invited to attend.

Click on this link to view the programme.

Dr. Ebo Richardson Presents a Personal Report on Centenary Lecture Series

Dr. Ebo Richardson, Quaque House - 1965, was in Cape Coast in May as part of the Adisadel College's Centenary Celebration Lecture Series. Two lectures were presented each day. The Cape Coast Lecture Series was the second of two series, the first having taken place earlier in Accra during the month of March. In his brief report Dr. Richardson writes about the people he met and his old school.

"On the first day, Tuesday, May 11, two lectures were presented. That day’s session was chaired by Prof. Mrs. Naana Opoku-Agyeman, Vice Chancellor of Cape Coast University. The first lecture was by Dr. Sam Mensah, Executive Chairman, SEM Group Ltd., Ghana. His topic was: “The Challenge of Economic Governance in Ghana: Observations of a Santaclausian”. The second lecture was also by a Santaclausian, Mr. Donald Gwira, Communications Manager at Guinness Ghana Breweries Ltd. It was entitled: “The Role of Advocacy - The Art of Persuasion”....."

Click on this link to read the report.

Book Review: Adisadel On The Hill - The Story

Mr. Kojo Yankah (President of the African University College of Communications) reviews the latest book on Adisadel College titled Adisadel On the Hill - The Story written by Rev. Cannon Pobee for the centenary. The book was published and launched in March this year.

The book is 230 pages long, spanning 16 chapters, with 13 pages illustrated with both familiar and unfamiliar pictures. The Foreword is written by Justice Akrofi, the Archbishop and Primate of the Church of the Province of West Africa; and the Preface is by the author himself. Guided by part of the First Letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians, (8-9), and being a theologian himself, well brought up by Adisadel College, John S. Pobee, does not depart from the assignment given him by the management Board of Adisadel, i.e. to write an official history of Adisadel College – the Story. He admonished himself rather quickly with the biblical guidance: all things may be lawful, but not all things are expedient.

The book is available for sale at the Adisadel College Secretariat in Accra, Ghana. Contact: Jameel Nettey by phone 0302-255153 or 0244-504947 or Email:

Click on this link to read Kojo Yankah's Review.

Centenary Video by J. B. Freeman

[Click to play video]

Centenary Planning Committee To Usher in Centenary Year
4th. January 1910 - 4th. January 2010   (Press Release)

A special Trade and Exhibition fair, dubbed “Santa Centefair”, to provide the platform for old students of Adisadel College who are in the manufacturing sector, trade, and other service providers to showcase their products and services is one of the major events slated for the commemoration of the 100 years anniversary of the school. The fair to be held in May 2010 in Accra is also expected to attract participation of the general public. This was announced by the chairman of the National Centenary Planning Committee (CPC), Mr. Jose Nicco-Annan in his New Year message to all past and present students of Adisadel College, popularly referred to as “Santaclausians”

He said Adisadel College, ranked among the top 100 most outstanding and prominent colleges in Africa, should, at 100, not only be seen celebrating this occasion in fanfare but rather have a meaningful success story to tell. It is in this direction that some of the programmes designed for the centenary celebration are geared towards showcasing the contribution of Santaclausians towards national and global development. Mr. Nicco-Annan charged Santaclausians who are in industry, trade and commerce as well as the general public to take advantage of this unique platform, the first of its kind to be associated with such celebrations of a school in the country, and showcase their potential to the world.

Mr. Nicco-Annan further disclosed that the official launch of the year long celebrations kick-starts with a special church service to commemorate the formal signing of the Adisadel College charter that brought into being Adisadel College. The service will be held on Monday, 4th January, 2010 starting at 10am at Christ Church Cathedral, Cape Coast, the venue of the signing of the charter, and will be presided over by Most Reverend Justice Ofei Akrofi, Bishop of Accra and Archbishop & Primate of the Church of the Province of West Africa, assisted by all Anglican bishops.

Other programmes earmarked for celebrations are a Fundraising Dinner Dance in Accra, a Book Launch and Lecture Series in Kumasi and Accra, Thanksgiving Service in Accra, the Homecoming Speech Day in Cape Coast, a Medical Outreach and Centenary Durbar and an Awards Dinner Dance at Cape Coast.

Touching on the ongoing construction works of the Centenary Resource Centre Complex, Mr. Nicco-Annan lamented the slow response of some Santaclausians in the payment of their contributions toward the realization of this dream. The completion of the Centenary Resource Centre is a challenge not only to the CPC, but also the School Management and Board of Governors, as well as other concerned old boys. He said that if well meaning Santaclausians have any gratitude to express towards their alma mater, then this is the time they should gird up their loins and give the school their best.

Mr. Nicco-Annan wished Santaclausians the best of the ensuing year and urged them to update themselves with news on the school and the centenary celebrations by contacting the secretariat of the CPC (telephone 021-255153/4) and regular visits to the following websites:



Please see below for the latest centenary events and activities.


Paul Adjetey-Dsane
Coordinator, Publicity Committee
for Jose Nicco-Annan Chairman, CPC

Centenary Week Programme

(Click to view)

Highlights of Centenary Activities

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Centenary Lecture Series - Time Table

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The remarkable visions of Adisadel founder, Rev. Nathaniel Templyn Hamlyn will reach the centennial mark on January 4th, 2010. From its humble beginnings in 1910 with 29 students at Topp Yard in Cape Coast, the then SPG (Society for the Propagation of the Gospel) Grammar School now occupies a 4 kilometer square campus with 2000 students at Adisadel. Having lived by its motto of "Either the first or with the first", the achievements of the school and the making of Ghana are evident.

The gradual expansion of Adisadel has not been without growing pains. Each epoch of the school's development has been marked by a name change. In 1924 under the headmastership of Samuel Richard Stephen Nicholas, the parochial status of the school was tempered when it became a government assisted school. In that same year the school changed its name to St. Nicholas Grammar School.

In 1934 the most significant transition in the school's history began. Under the headmastership of Rev. Allan John Knight negotiations for the acquisition of land for the current campus began. With the acquisition of the Ebiradze Clan DLC (Donated Land Claim), the upper campus took shape in 1936.

The beginnings of present Adisadel era (1945-1985) were laid by Rev. Canon W.G. Harward. In 1947, the upper school was expanded under his leadership with the establishment of Knight and Canterbury Houses. The academic curriculum was expanded to include a broad range of the sciences in that same year when the science laboratories were built.


The Famous Adisadel Clock Tower in front of the School Library which was originally Quaque House (Image: Frank Indome, '80)


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Rev. Nathaniel Hamlyn
School Founder



Celebrating 100 years

of Educational





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Distinguished Guests at the Centenary Durbar

His Excellency
Prof. John Evans Atta-Mills
President of Ghana


The Oguaahen
Osabarima Kwesi Atta II


Most Rev. Dr. Justice O. Akrofi
The Primate of the Church of the Province of West Africa and Bishop of Accra


Mr. H. K. K. Graham
Headmaster, Chairman of the Centenary Day



Mr. Jose Nicco-Annan
Chairman - National Centenary Planning Committee