Adisadel Centenary Durbar - Welcome Address
By Mr. Solomon Abam Quartey
Chairman - Adisadel College Board of Governors

Sat. 17th. July 2010,
Adisadel Campus
Cape Coast


Your Excellency, Professor Evans Atta Millis, President of the Republic of Ghana,
Nana Osabarima Kwesi Atta II, Omanhene of Oguaa Traditional Area,
Osagyefo Osei Tutu II, The Asantehene,
His Grace Justice Akrofi, Primate of the Province of West Africa and The Arch Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Accra,
Our Episcopal Representation,
The Clergy,
Ministers of State and Honourable Parliamentarians,
Members of the Diplomatic Corps,
Former Chairmen of the Adisadel College Board of Governors,
Former Headmasters and Staff of Adisadel College,
The Centenary Headmaster and His Centenary Staff,
My very proud Fellow Santaclausians,
Distinguished Invited Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,


Mr. Abam Quartey

   Mr. Solomon Abam Quartey

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I stand here as a humble citizen of the Republic of Ghana, a proud Santaclausian, and the Centenary Chairman, to welcome you to Adisadel On The Hill.

It is also with great trepidation that I welcome you to the climax of the Centenary celebration of Adisadel College, a school which was founded on the 4th Day of January 1910 by the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel of the Anglican Church Mission, under the able Episcopal Stewardship of His Grace Temple Hamlyn, Bishop of the Anglican Church’s Diocese of Accra which at the time encompassed the whole of Ghana (then the Gold Coast).

The vision of the founding fathers was initially to train Ministers of the Gospel for the church of Christ, and also turn out students with leadership, scholarly, moral and religious qualities full of honour and wisdom, capable of positively influencing the world.

This is the school, whose initial levels of attendance in any particular term was predicated upon the exigencies of the seasons, (be they farming, fishing, commerce and cultural festivals). Presently, in comparison, the headmaster literally has to hide during admissions or take refuge behind the almighty GES computer for his peace of mind.

Adisadel saw its formative years in the humble environment of Topp Yard and thanks to the proverbial “Adisadel Spirit”, that “Indescribable something that we call the Adisadel Spirit”, that self motivating spirit which manifested in the culture of self help, hard work being there for one another; that spirit which binds all Santaclausians together for the purpose of attaining high academic, social, nationalistic, productive and moral height, and deep sense of initiative (The “can do” spirit which never says “Die”); that driving force encapsulated in the Motto: Vel Primus vel Cum Primis: “either the first or with the first”. It was that same spirit which goaded Santaclausians on to construct Adisadel on the Hill with their own hands, L’esprit de corps and character.

Your Excellency, The President of the Republic of Ghana, a lot has gone into conceptualizing, planning, preparing and implementing the year long activities of the Centenary celebration culminating in the climax to which currently we are all witnesses. It did not start in our time, but it began with those who conceived the idea of Adisadel College as a Boys second cycle institution, to those who established the school, to those who made both physical, intellectual, personal, material and spiritual contribution to the school, through the various anniversaries, speech and prize giving days, Founders Days and then to this present centenary durbar. All have ably played their role and I celebrate all such persons, stakeholders and institutions.

However, for the purpose of this centenary celebration, please, permit me to mention for special recognition the efforts of my Chairman of the Centenary Planning Committee and his hardworking Committee, Sub-Committee members both local and national, who selflessly burnt the midnight oil through thick and thin to make this day and all activities of the celebration a reality. My special appreciation also goes to my mentor and also victim of my constant harassment, Rev. Professor Emeritus J.S. Pobee, who wrote the story of Adisadel without asking for any reward but merely for the satisfaction of being of service to his Alma Mater, and for the opportunity of giving back to his Alma Mater; for aptly has the School’s Ode put it:

Others have Laboured and we share their Glory
Ours to do Exploits and Add to their Gain
Those who come after will take up our story
May it be worthy of singing again

Your Excellency, Nananom, Niimei, Ladies and Gentlemen, this Centenary is being celebrated under the theme: PROJECTING THE ADISADEL SPIRIT INTO THE NEXT CENTURY. It is pertinent to say that we know what Adisadel has been, we know what Adisadel is today but do we know what Adisadel would be (look like) in the years to come and in particular a century from today? Will Adisadel influence the destiny of Cape Coast, Ghana, Africa and the world or will it be vice versa?

It appears to me that whichever the direction the expected end result must necessarily have to be driven by science and technology, Information Technology, discipline which is a sine qua non and the renewal of minds for the benefit of all concerned. In order to attain that desired end, each and every one of us currently alive, and those yet unborn, shall have a role to play in shaping the destinies of our school and nation. The School Ode shall continue to deepen our resolve for perseverance and strife for perfection. As someone suggested, Ghana should adopt the Adisadel School Ode, for development and progress.

Your Excellency, I now wish to venture into an area which may send me wading in the muddy waters of controversy. Not that I revel in matters of controversy, but as a matter that has occupied and vexed my mind over a long time. Not also as a father of four beautiful girls all of whom with the support of my dear wife we put through Holy Child School and various universities but as a so called gender agnostic/empathizer.

I have always wondered why the proverbial Adisadel Spirit should be the only preserve of Santaclausians of the gender that I identify with and yet unavailable to those who prominently carry the gene which is not so prominent in me. I mean why no female students in Adisadel College.

I strongly believe that it is possible for the opposite gender to imbibe the fruits of the Adisadel Spirit and probably exude it more manifestly to present as veritable “Old Boys” and Santaclausians. My girls are a good example. Not only can they sing the School Ode and demonstrate the audacious Adisadel spirit, but the eldest made sure she secured for herself a vibrant, vivacious and intelligent young Santaclausian who has fathered my two grandchildren. Santaclausians do make good husbands! Like the accomplished Mrs. Alberta Quartey, their relation by marriage, and a daughter of Mr. S.R.S. Nicholas, a former Assistant Headmaster and at various times Acting Headmaster of Adisadel College, they make sure they sing the “So me do” with reverberating resonance, pomp and circumstance. There are many more ladies in and out side this Hall who carry the genes of the Adisadel Spirit yet never attended Adisadel College and who would have attended Adisadel College but for accident of their gender. Now Santaclausians, “Old Boys”, Stakeholders, Men of Goodwill, please “think on these things!!

Your Excellency, Nananom, Niimei, The Clergy, Santaclausians, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, I hereby deem it a great privilege to welcome you all to this Centenary Durbar and trust that you will enjoy yourselves. Please, stay welcome, blessed and be with us as long as you wish.

Floreat ADISCO!!!

Thank you.


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Centenary Durbar Distinguished Guests

His Excellency
Prof. John Evans Atta-Mills
President of Ghana


The Oguaahen
Osabarima Kwesi Atta II



Most Rev. Dr. Justice Akrofi
The Primate of the Church of the Province of West Africa and Bishop of Accra



Mr. H. K. K. Graham
Headmaster, Chairman of the Centenary Day



Mr. Jose Nicco-Annan
Chairman - National Centenary Planning Committee