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The Adisadel College Endowment Fund as currently established and being operated is composed of a number of charities in a number of countries with the primary objective of soliciting funds, equipment and educational materials for the benefit of Adisadel College and also to upgrade present school buildings and facilities.

. There are 5 charities:

  • The Adisadel College Endowment Fund - Accra, Ghana
  • Adisadel College - Cape Coast, Ghana
  • Adisadel Foundation Inc. - United States of America
  • Adisadel Old Boys Education Association - United Kingdom
  • Adisadel Endowment Fund for Music Education

Membership and donations are mostly from old boys, friends of the school and ex-tutors of the school.

For more information and/or contributions to any of the above charities please use the contact below:

Adisadel Foundation Inc.  P. O. Box 3293, Cary, North Carolina 27519, USA.    (see below)
Email: Email Contact           Phone: (919) 363 3546

Adisadel Old Boys Education Association - United Kingdom - Phone:  020 8949 5393

Adisadel Endowment Fund for Music Education - Email Contact   (see below)

The Adisadel Endowment Fund for Music Education

The 1960s were the golden years of music at Adisadel. Adisadel was the first school in Ghana to start a jazz band – the famous “Adisadel Jazz Band”. Other schools that tried to get into bands created pop bands, of which Adisadel had many in addition to the jazz band. The numerous Adisadel pop groups included the Thunderbirds, Ringos, Avalanches, the Soundcasters, Reavers 5 etc. The wave of school bands lasted into the 70s and 80s and started fading away because of the rapidly declining political and economic environment which affected everything else in Ghana.

The Adisadel Endowment Fund for Music Education has been created to permanently support music education at Adisadel College. Contributions into the fund is invested with the investment returns made available annually for music education activities. Some of the activities supported by the fund are:

  1. Instruments and accessories purchases, upgrades and maintenance

  2. Scholarships for promising students in music

  3. Providing a motivating stipend to the music teachers

  4. Assisting students to write the Royal School of Music examinations

Contact:  Dr. Sam Mensah, 1966 Year Group

Article: Reviving Jazz At Adisadel

In the News: Jazz Returns to Adisadel

Adisadel Foundation Inc. - USA
The Foundation to Save Adisadel College

Adisadel Foundation, Inc., is a USA - IRS approved Section 501(c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds for the educational and infrastructural improvements of Adisadel College. The Foundation is run by a non-paid volunteer staff most of whom are Adisadel College alumni. 100% of all donations go the Foundation.

Adisadel Foundation Goals

  • Fund the construction of a campus multipurpose Centenary Building that features classrooms, library, computer center and an auditorium.

  • Repair and upgrade existing campus buildings

  • Provide teaching aid equipment for teaching staff

  • Installation of 15 million gallon water tower to service the entire campus

  • Furnish and upgrade the school’s cafeteria and kitchen equipments for cooking and food preparation

Proposed Adisadel Centenary Center

In commemoration of Adisadel’s Centennial in 2010, a multi-purpose complex of classrooms, library, computer center, auditorium and offices has been proposed. This monumental edifice, when completed will solve the classroom overcrowding problems, modernize the school’s computer curriculum, provide an expanded library facility for a large student population and enhance students experience in the Arts. The construction cost estimate for the resource center of classrooms, library, computer center and an auditorium is $5 Million.

  • The benefits of this improvement to the school cannot be overstated.

  • Students have access to a library that is not over-crowed.

  • Additional classrooms would be available to absorb the class overflow

  • Students will be exposed to computer education and resources to adequately prepare for them for 21st Century challenges.

  • Centralized resource area for students to receive staff support and educational instruction

  • Provide expanded facilities for administrative staff.

  • Teaching staff will have offices to prepare for their assignments.

Making Contributions to the Foundation

Please make your tax-deductible contribution to:

Adisadel Foundation Inc.,
P.O. Box 3293 Cary,
North Carolina 27519-3293

Tel: (919) 363-3546
Email: Email Contact

More Information:
Foundation Brochure
Foundation Capital Campaign
Foundation FAQ
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