H. K. K. Graham (Headmaster: 2005 - 2014)

The Mighty hand of the good Lord which was stretched on Adisadel College from the very beginning, is still having its desired affect. Rulership of the Lord Jesus Christ is being experienced on this hill as an institution established on a sound Christian foundation.

The writings on the wall clearly point to the fact that all the good plans outlined for the school are materializing with each passing day. It is in the light of this that sincere gratitude and profound appreciation emanate from the heart of the school authority to all who have contributed in diverse ways towards the upliftment of the image of the school.


New Academic Year:  2007 -  2008

The 2007/2008 academic year has started on a good footing. The students returned to school with dispatch on Tuesday, 11th September, 2007. Payment of school fees was brisk followed by the usual general cleaning of the classrooms, dormitories, chapel and the compound.

The opening assembly was conducted by the Headmaster with the staff in attendance. Subject Teachers collected their marked scripts which had been deposited with the Assistant Headmaster (Academic) after filling the termly report, for discussion with the students. The course outline for the term was also given to the students to enable them follow closely and work hard as well. Students, who could not write the terminal examination for reasons of sickness were made to write theirs at the beginning of the term.

Other students who had performed abysmally during the academic year were made to repeat their class. The Headmaster, in his usual supervisory style, has been visiting the thirty classrooms of the school during lessons to ascertain at first hand what is happening there. The academic zeal of the students has been whipped up sufficiently and this will obviously reflect in their performance both internally and externally.


Mr. Herbert Kwesi Krufi Graham
National Best Science Teacher - Ghana 1999
Ghana's Most Distinguished Senior High School Headmaster - 2008

Mr. Graham was born at Ekumfi Otuam in the Mfantsiman East District of Central Region. He is the seventh born of his parents – Mr. David Richmond Graham and Obaapanyin Jane Whyte both of blessed memory.

Educational Background

Young Kwesi had his elementary education at Tarkwa Anglican School where he excelled to the admiration of both his colleagues and teachers. He passed distinctly at the Common Entrance Examination and gained admission to Adisadel College where he enjoyed two separate scholarships.

Kwesi’s academic excellence manifested itself right from the word go when he took the first position as a student in Adisadel College . He continued brilliantly from the “O” Level to the “A” Level leaving Adisadel College as the first Indigenous House Prefect of the most recent Dormitory Block (Ebiradze House) which had the largest number of students at that time. He continued to the University of Ghana – Legon and obtained his first degree (Bsc Hons – Biology). Kwesi pursued his post graduate certification in Education at the University of Cape Coast and came out with distinction as a professional teacher.

Work Experience

Kwesi took his first job in Adisadel College as a national service personnel at a time when many teachers had left the shores of Ghana to seek greener pastures in other countries. Teachers were simply rare to find and this caused him to teach General Science and Biology right from the “O” Level to the 6th form. For twenty-two continuous years, he taught full-time at Adisadel College and did part-time at all the secondary schools in the Cape Coast municipality. This was the time he rose steadily through all the positions in the school set-up.

(i) Form Master
(ii) Patron of Clubs/Societies
(iii) Housemaster
(iv) Senior Housemaster
(v) Guidance and Counselling team member
(vi) Acting Assistant Headmaster.

Kwesi’s wide and rich experience coupled with effectiveness projected him to the position of the 7th substantive Headmaster of Twifo Praso Secondary School. Kwesi virtually superimposed Adisadel College on Twifo Praso to the extent that when the Chiefs, District Chief Executive, Old Students and the citizens overheard that Kwesi was about to leave the school on transfer to Adisadel College they did not only become greatly disturbed but fought tooth and nail to prevent him from going.

They were completely overwhelmed by the level of infrastructural development, unprecedented academic excellence, high level of discipline and above all the conversion of the school into a model school in Ghana from a seventy-five acre to two hundred and fifty acre plots of land within a short period of three years. Kwesi felt, however, that the time to do exploit and add to the gains of his predecessors in the capacity of Headmaster of great Adisadel had come and should not let it slip by.

Kwesi was appointed Headmaster of Adisadel College in March, 2005 and has since brought his vision of making Adisadel first among equals in line with that of the founding fathers to bear.

Exploits in the field of Science

Kwesi has to his credit the authorship of two publications – “Classifying of organisms” at the 6th form level and “A guide to Biology Practicals” at the Senior High School. For many years in Adisadel College , he was adjudged the Best Science Teacher and officially congratulated in writing, accompanied by awards presentations at Speech and prize-giving days. He has won the best science teacher award in the Cape Coast Municipality, Central Region and crowned National Best Science Teacher – Ghana 1999 (Second cycle). He is currently the President of the Ghana Association of Science Teachers (GAST) after serving as Central Regional branch Secretary, then the Chairman and later the National Science Fair Committee Chairman of GAST.

Versatile Churchman

Kwesi was baptized into the Anglican faith by the late Archdeacon Ashitey at St. Peter’s Anglican Church in Tarkwa. He was subsequently confirmed on his entry into Adisadel College by the late Archbishop I.S.M. Le-Maire. At the university, he was an Executive Member of the National Union of Anglican Students. He has served in the capacities of:

(i) People’s Warden.
(ii) Lay reader.
(iii) Lay preacher.
(iv) Chairman – Evangelism Committee.
(v) Chairman – Foso Archdeaconry Education Committee.
(vi) Marriage Counsellor.
(vii) Standing Committee Member – Cape Coast Diocese.
(viii) Vice-Chairman – Board of Education – Cape Coast Diocese.
(ix) Leader – Parish Prayer Warriors.

Kwesi’s passion for God’s work continues to consume him as he enthusiastically renders diverse services to the church.

Kwesi is married to a beautiful, lovely and good wife – Veronica; and blessed with five well-disciplined children – two boys and three girls.


  2009 Headmaster's Report

2008 Annual Report presented at the
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8. March 2008


2009 Annual Report presented at the
99th. Speech and Prize Giving Day
14. March 2009

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Mr. H. K. K. Graham



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