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Environmental Club of Adisadel

Officers: Mrs. Alberta Croffie-Quayson (Ex officio Patron), Mr. John Marjom (Patron), Secretary: Raymond Boateng

This organization is a collaboration between three clubs- The Wildlife, The Green Earth and Tourism Club. The oldest of the clubs Wildlife, merged with the others in 1995.

Activities:- The club has undertaken major clean-up of environmentally endangered areas in the community and surrounding villages. With assistance from sister clubs from the Cape Coast schools, the club cleaned the streets of Cape Coast. The clean-up activities of the club has not been limited to outside the campus. Campus areas from the Mercer Gate to the Acropolis have been cleaned. The Awotwe Babies Fountain on campus was also rehabilitated with thriving flora and fauna.

Botanical excursion tours are also part of this clubs activities. With sponsorship from Fredina Tours, the club visited Aburi Gardens to study new and endangered tropical plant species.

Junior Achievement Company

Officers: Mrs. J. Wilson-Tagoe(Patrom), Kofi Koranteng Jnr (President), Vice Presidents: Emmanuel O. Sasu (Finance), Francis Ashittey (Marketing), Godson Della Seshie (Production) Joseph Obeng (Human Resources) Board Members: Lawrence Ameyibor, Leslie Clottey

This club, also known as Santaclausian Ventures provides a real life business entrepreneurship for those interested in business enterprise. Club members are involved in all aspects of product development and marketing. The club successfully operated a restaurant stand during the 88th Speech Day.

Invited to participate in a nation-wide fair, the club received lots of praise for the items it presented. The items the club created included ceramic wares, beads and greeting cards. Other notable items in the clubs numerous products are clocks that bear the school's logo. The club has in its plans for the future the production of viable items with wide appeal to the world market.

Ghana United Nations Students Association  (GUNSA)

For the political aware student whose interests transcend national politics to world affairs, GUNSA is the organization to join. With a very activist agenda the club holds many symposia with political themes to promote awareness on many international issues. There are GUNSA branches in most schools and it has a national officiating body

Writers, Debators and Drama Club (WDDC)

Officers: Patron - Mrs. Chidi Eshun, President - David Kattah, Secretary - James Moujalled

The WDDC is a conglomeration of artists of various media-print, stage and speech. In conforming to a long held Adisadel tradition, this club's productions are the best in Ghana among secondary schools. Adisadel's theater productions date back to the late thirties, when the school staged public plays in Greek. Today the drama club has excelled in many productions that have made Drama Night on campus a top event. The club also took the first place award in the Black Awareness Program organized at St. Augustine's College. Each year, the drama club receives numerous requests to perform at functions.

Debators Club

Adisadel has produced outspoken statesmen and politicians whose oratory skills were nurtured at the school. Although the traditional classics ( Greek and Latin) is no longer part of the school's curriculum, the club thrives on modern rhetoric under the guidance of Mrs. Joyce Wilson-Tagoe. The well seasoned debating team, with only two days notice, did exceedingly well in a national debate, winning a cash prize and television sets.

Cadet Corps

PSI : Sgt (Rtd) Samuel Ahiale, Major - Roland Nweackah, Captain- Charles Asare.
Motto: One Step Ahead

Established to promote interest in military career and instil discipline through regimented lifestyle, the Cadet Corps organization has trained many students who have gone on to attain enviable ranks in the army. From the current Minister of Defense, Col. E. Donkoh down through the officer ranks, many Adisadel alumni can be found in the Ghana Armed Forces.

Under the leadership of Retired Sgt Samuel Ahiale, the cadet corps has participated in parades around the country on Independence Day and Remembrance Day celebrations. The corps undertakes route march at the beginning of each school term. Non cadets are encouraged to join the route march which often covers over twenty miles. The cadets also maintain order at student public events

Other Clubs

Arts Club Maths Club
Business Club Science Club
Computer Club  


Religious Groups

Assemblies of God Students Union Ghana Methodist Students Union Pentecost Students and Associates
Cape Coast Anglican Students Union Ghana Muslim Students Association Scripture Union (SU)
Catholic Students Union (CATSU) Harvest International Ministries Seventh Day Adventist
Charismatic Students Union Jehovah's Witness  
Church of Christ National Union of Presbyterian Students  


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