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1. Up Santaclausians! stand up to honour
Those who have gilded the School with their fame;
Our Alma Mater - a blessing upon her!
Bids us remember the strength of her name.
Others have laboured and we share the glory,
Ours to do exploits and add to their gain;
Those who come after will take up our story,
May it be worthy of singing again.

Play up, play up Santaclausians,
Play up and play the game!
Give nothing but your best
And never think of rest:
Play up for the School's great name!

2. Hamlyn and School House see him who founded
Firm his beginnings, enduring his pile;
His was the triumph of hardship surmounted,
Yours is the chance just to make it worth while.
Give of your best to the School his creation -
Work with your head and your hands and your heart;
Play up for House and for School and for Nation,
Cry "Una Mente"; let each do his part.

3. Phillip the patient, the Patron of Quaque,
Labour'd in love for Oguaa by the sea;
Let his example of faithfulness make you
Mighty in purpose and dogged as he.
This was a man and a priest and a hero -
He won the fight that go on not to the strong -
Let his endurance and fortitude nerve you
To war or to suffer for right against wrong.

4. Elliott the Old Boy, the first-fruits of Orders
Culled from the seed which our Founders have sown,
Food both for joy and inspiring affords us
Him as our pride and example we own;
Living for Christ's sake a slave to his charges
Working and watching while yet it is day;
The Kingdom of goodness its borders enlarges
Love and humility open the way.

5. Nicholas the saintly Bishop, our Patron,
Prays that his sons may be good men and true;
Hamlyn our Founder rests all his hopes on
You and the big things that you want to do.
Gird up your loins, let the watchword be "Forward",
Give of your best and the School you will see,
If you will pray hard, and work hard, and play hard,
Either primus or cum primis will be.

Notes on the school Ode

The School Ode accords praise and honour to St. Nicholas (Santa Claus) as well as Bishop Hamlyn, the Founder, Phillip Quaque, the first African to take Holy Orders in the Anglican Church in England after the Reformation and Clement Henry Elliott, "the First Fruit of Orders", the first Old Boy of the School to fulfill the hopes of the Founder, by becoming a Priest of the Church, after whom the three original School Houses are named.

Apart from extolling the glories of the School, the Ode, with its theme on honesty and service is designed to re-edify the hopes and buoy up the spirits of all Santaclausians (past and present), inspire them to have a vision of what is expected of them and also to enable them to do their best in whatever sphere of labour or activity they may be engaged after they had left the School. In other words, the ode exhorts all Santaclausians to lead a useful and purposeful life, always dedicating themselves to honour, service and duty.

Under present circumstances and in light of rapid developments at the school which have necessitated the creation of five other School Houses named after equally great and noble spirits closely associated with the school, it has been found expedient on all occasions, to sing only the first and last verses of the Ode and the Chorus to good effect.

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