21st. Century Adisadel

The educational reform in Ghana in the nineties affected the school's student population. Now classified as a Senior Secondary School, there has been a sharp rise in the number of applicants from Junior Secondary School. Forced to admit the numerous well qualified applicants, the current student population now stands at 2000. Through the benevolence of alumnus Sam Jonah, chief executive of Ashanti Goldfields, there is a new dormitory-Jonah House to accommodate the population boom. A kindergarten and a primary school has already been established on the campus. A junior secondary school has been planned. It has been a slow development due to lack of funding. When the junior secondary school is built, it will bridge the gap needed to make Adisadel resemble the old educational system with seven year cycle.

Adisadel Centennial is very close. The 21st century Adisadel College will need facilities bigger than the current one. To add to the gallant efforts of its founding fathers, the post-centennial Adisadel College will be a degree granting university. Then will the Santaclausian Educational System come to fruition! To make this possible, please visit the Adisadel Centennial Project.

Reviving Jazz at Adisadel

The 1960s were the golden years of music in Adisadel. Adisadel was the first school in Ghana to start a jazz band the famous "Adisadel Jazz Band". Other schools that tried to get into bands created pop bands, of which Adisadel had many in addition to the jazz band. The numerous Adisadel pop groups included the Thunderbirds, Ringos, Avalanches, the Soundcasters, Reavers 5 etc. The wave of school bands lasted into the 70s and 80s but started fading away because of the rapidly declining political and economic environment which affected everything else in Ghana.

The 21st. Century is seen as a time to revive music education at Adisadel. In 2007, a group of alumni (Sam Mensah, John Djokoto, Ricky Telfer) initiated this revival by donating to the school a full set of instruments drums, congas, keyboards, lead guitar, bass guitar, trumpet, trombone, alto and tenor saxophones, full backline, PA system with monitors.

More work is however needed to be done including plans for the following:

  1. Summer Music Camp: The setting up of a summer camp for two weeks during which members of the school bands will remain on campus and immerse themselves in music working on their instruments, rehearsing with the band and listening to music. Music instructors will be recruited to be at the camp to work with the students.
  2. Music Room: Provide and improve the setting up of a modern and well equipped music room - with pianos, CD/DVD players, LCD projector, computers with music software etc.. The old music room was converted into regular classrooms as the school population soared. There is only one music master carrying a big load.
  3. Creation of the Adisadel Endowment Fund for Music Education: Have a permanent fund that will support music education at Adisadel.

Financial support is needed to gets these plans off the ground.  For more information please contact: Dr. Sam Mensah

Leopoldville (Upper School) Sewer Improvements

The establishment of Knight and Canterbury Living Organizations in 1947 under the headmastership of the Rev. Canon W.G. Harward produced a sanitary sewer system shared jointly with Hamlyn and Elliott Living Organizations. All of the four Living organizations using the sewer system have grown tremendously. Currently the sanitary sewer is under capacity and seriously needs to be upgraded. Santaclausians and friends of Adisadel are being asked to help fund this project. Please send your contributions to: Upper School Sanitation Fund,. Account No. 0100-139-06400, Standard Chartered Bank, Ring Road Central, Accra, Ghana.

Please send your contributions to:
Upper School Sanitation Fund,. Account No. 0100-139-06400, Standard Chartered Bank, Ring Road Central, Accra, Ghana

Library and Computer Centre

The trememdous student population growth experienced by Adisadel College in recent years has put a great burden on old facilities like the library. Built in 1936 for a student population of 300, the library can no longer serve the current population of 2000 students. The current computer center does not have enough equipment for student use. Adisadel College appeals to all Santaclausians and friends of Adisadel to help fund a new library and computer center.

Please send your donations to:
Library Fund, Account No. 0100-139-006400, Standard Chartered Bank, Ring Road Central, Accra, Ghana.

The Campus Demarcation Project

Located east of Adisadel Village, the sprawling four kilometer square Adisadel College campus covers a vast expanse of hills and valleys. The western part of the campus is separated from the village by the Cape Coast-Abura Road along which the Mercer Gate is located. The northern part of the campus is bordered by the Cape Coast-Accra by-pass road. The southeastern and south part of the campus is not clearly demarcated. Though one can clearly see the "Match Box" area flats up to the cadet armoury, they are by no means the limits of the campus. Recently there has been aggressive encroachments on school lands by adjacent property owners. Adisadel College is ready to re-stake its claim of all original school lands from the Ebiradze donated land claim. The school plans to erect a wall around the campus to demarcate school property. Donations are being sought for this project. One can purchase a section of this "Great wall of Adisadel" to have one's name inscribed on it.

Please send donations for this project to:
The Great Wall of Adisadel Fund, Account No. 0100-139-006400, Standard Chartered Bank, Ring Road Central, Accra, Ghana.

The R.T. Orleans-Pobee Swim Centre

If there ever was a person who exemplified the "Adisadel spirit", it will be the educator. Robert Thompson Orleans-Pobee. An Adisadel alumni who returned from his studies abroad to teach at Adisadel in the fifties, he became the headmaster from 1967 - 1973. A strict disciplinarian and a master at correcting unruly behavior, he often laced his morning assembly speeches with Latin. A great athlete during his student days at Adisadel, he was once a member of the Gold Coast Olympic team.

During his tenure as headmaster, Adisadel flourished beyond measure. He established a gymnasium on campus, equipped the language laboratory, expanded the living organizations with the addition of Ebiradze House and built the "New Orleans" masters flat. Mr. Orleans-Pobee, affectionately referred to by Adisadel alumni as "Pee Colo" is revered and respected by all Santaclausians, especially those who proudly proclaim being subject to his disciplinary rod. A physical educationist by training he encouraged sports on campus. Upon leaving Adisadel he became the chairman of the Sports Council of Ghana before retiring. He is a patron of the U.K Adisadel Alumni Organization.

In honor of this "All-Adisadel" educator, a swim center bearing his name is being proposed. This facility will house an Olympic-size swimming pool to train swimmers to represent the country. It will be a regional facility accessible to all schools. It will be maintained by Adisadel College.

Please help make the R.T. Orleans-Pobee Swim Center a reality by sending your contributions to:
The R.T.Orleans-Pobee Swim Center Fund, Account No. 0100-139-006-400, Standard Charterd Bank, Ring Road Central, Accra, Ghana.

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