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The participation of students in running the daily functions of the school is deeply rooted in Adisadel history. Most of the buildings in the upper school were the result of the labor of pioneering students who were deeply involved in the regimented functions of a boarding school. At Adisadel students are involved in maintaining and enforcing disciplinary codes relating to boarding life.

Upper class students are elected to prefectorial positions. The entire student body are eligible to vote on prefectorial nominees. Some prefectorial positions such as House Prefects and Chapel prefects are made by appointment. The Head Prefect oversees all the other prefects who are accountable to him. There are prefectorial positions in the areas of dinning hall, library, dispensary, protocol, sports, entertainment and chapel. The dormitories are administered by the Housemaster, who is usually a staff member. The residence of the Housemaster is adjacent to the dormitory, a unique feature of Adisadel.

A School Council, that comprises of two representatives from each dormitory and all the prefects meet once during each academic term to discuss all maters relating to school life. The Headmaster and Senior Housemaster are usually present at School Council meetings to respond and take note of students concerns.

There is a student-run newspaper - The Owl, which reports on all aspects of campus social and academic life. There is also a Dietary Committee, made up entirely of students that vote on the choice of meals that are served in the dinning halls. This is another of the democratic uniqueness of Adisadel College.

School Prefects in their traditional cloaks

The White House

Being the Head Prefect on the prefectorial board comes with a lot of responsibility, authority and respect. Unlike other prefects who continue to lodge at their houses (dormitories) after being elected or appointed, the Head Prefect at resides in his own self-contained "bungalow" called the White House. The name was derived from the white washed paint used to give it a face lift usually before the Speech and Prize Giving Day Event at which the Head Prefect gives his annual "state of the school" address on behalf of the student body. The White House is located behind Hamlyn House, just across from Canterbury House.

 White House
The White House - The official residence of the Head Prefect

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